Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The big news of the day was the Casey Anthony jury finding her NOT GUILTY of the murder or even manslaughter of her two year old daugher, Caylee nearly 4 years ago. As a parent, the thought of any parent who murders their own innocent child is revolting and we, as the public are always wanting to seek vindication for those children who are needlessly taken from us. The finding guilty of a specific party provides closure for our souls in knowing that there will be a price to be paid for the taking of a beautiful child's life.
But not in this case. As for now, the prime suspect, her mother has been found innocent by a jury of her peers and there are a couple of things that we should remember as Catholics, and as Americans. First of all, as much as anyone followed the trial, I would assume that many of us had already found Casey Anthony guilty based on the media reports and also through the following of the trial and the evidence that we heard on the cable news outlets. As much as we have heard, we did not hear the entire pool of evidence that the 12 jurors heard and we don't know what the made them decide (all 12) that she was innocent. The prosecution may have severely blundered the case, the defense may have had a stronger appeal, but whatever the case be, we must remember that in our country, once a jury of your peers find you innocent in a court of law, you cannot be tried again and be placed in Double Jeopardy. None of us like the idea of this because we feel that someone has "gotten off the hook" in the killing of a young, beautiful little girl. That is the American view, but it must be countered with the Catholic view.
As Catholics and as Christians, we believe also that nobody is ever completely able to hide their deeds from our God as all we do as humans will be laid bare before him, good and bad. Casey Anthony along with all of us will stand before our God at the end of our lives and will have our entire lives replayed before us; good and bad, public and secret events and at that time, we will receve the due reward for our works. Now this doesn't hold a lot of value for the majority of Americans and Western folks because we want to see justice carried out swiftly and correctly. If you kill, we want to see you killed, and in this case most people would have wanted to see it as painful and torturous as humanly possible.
Though the majority of readers may not agree, it is spiritually true that behind this heinous evil, whether Casey was the perpetrator or not, there is a human...a very sick, person that still has a soul and is still in need of redemption. This is the beauty of the Grace of God, that nobody is beyond the reach of his love and his grace. Caylee Anthony's physical life ended much too early, but we should all be comforted to know that her eternal life continued in the arms of Christ. As for the one who took her earthly life, we may never know that person but we should continue to pray for the redemption of their eternal souls that they may find Christ before their days finally come to an end.
At least that is the way I see it.

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