Sunday, July 12, 2009

Obama Closely representing American Catholics???

OK....So I just read this article in Newsweek that states that our new President more closely represents American Catholics better than the Pope. Here is the link, so if you want to read it prior to reading further, here you go:

The summary of the article is that because our President holds a view of allowing abortion, gay marriage, the status of women in the Church and stem cell research that he is a much closer representation of American Catholics than the Holy Father. Let's take a look at a couple things: 1) There technically no "American Catholics". There are Catholics that live in America, but the Catholic teachings are the same in America as they are in England, South Africa, South America and anywhere on the planet. 2) As Catholics, we are not looking, nor do we need to be "defined" by any other person than our Lord.

I may be reading into the article more than it has, but it seems to me that the entire purpose of the article was to paint the Catholic Church as "behind the times" and "outdated" and even more dangerous, "intolerant".

The Holy Father is who we as Catholics believe is the earthly head of the Church that Christ established and he is given special gifts (charisms) that lead that Church and protect the Church from attacks and intrusions of moral and theological dangers. In the day that we live in, it is very refreshing to know that the Church does not falter and does not fail on the moral and theological issues that have guided her for the past 2,ooo years. Not many are aware, but until 193o or there about, ALL Christian churches considered artificial birth control a sin and it was to be avoided at all costs. Now, only the Catholic Church with a handful of others still recognize the danger of artificial contraception. (For more on this issue see Pope John Paul II's encyclial, Theology of the Body.)

If Catholics are more closely represented by President Obama, then I would suggest that as Catholics in America that we re examine our positions and submit them to Christ and the teachings of His Church. We do NOT have the ability to pick and choose what we believe and what we don't. There are certain non negotiables that we must stand behind and if we are having difficulties, May we carry this prayer on our lips and in our hearts with humility and openness: "Lord, help my unbelief...."

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