Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama and the Church

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I am proud of it:
  • I do believe that we DID actually land on the moon
  • I am not worried about aliens and Area 51
  • I don't believe the President Bush intentionally struck the World Trade Center on 9/11
  • I don't necessarily believe that President Kennedy's assassination was in "inside job"
  • I don't believe the US government has secretly been back to the moon, and
  • I DON'T believe that the Pope, any of them past or future is the AntiChrist.
Having said all that, I am a realist and I do like to observe things that go on in the world, especially in the world of politics. And in the world of politics, I believe that every decision, even down to the most minute detail is planned and has purpose. I am afraid that in the day and age that we live in, the decisions we see going on are much less to do about the "good of the American people" and are more to do with securing voting blocks and instituting power structures. People want to be in power and to have power. And to have that power they must have people to influence their power over. Hence where we are in the US today.

The current debate about the health care system is not so much about health care as it is being used as a way to extend the role of government more and more into our lives. There are many reasons that I don't agree with the health care proposal that is being debated in Congress, but the main one is that our government--any government, gives nothing away free; they will always want something in return. In this situation, they want you to give your privacy away and give your medical records to the Federal Government so they can decide which procedures you will be able to obtain and which ones are too expensive. They want your doctors to give away their ability to refuse to perform procedures (such as abortive procedures) that go against their conscience while taking your tax money to pay for them.

And believe me, it will not stop there. If the Health Care plan passes that the President is trying to pass, the next thing that will be moving through in the next 5 years is the Hate Crimes Bill. Please don't misunderstand me on this issue. THERE IS NO PERSON AT ALL ON THIS PLANET THAT SHOULD BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST OR MURDERED DUE TO THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION, NATIONALITY OR COLOR, PERIOD! Every person is a child of God and they deserve the human dignity and ability to make their own choices. On the flip side of this, however, we are all equal under the law. No person's life is more valuable based on their sexual orientation, nationality or the color of their skin, yet this is what a hate crime bill establishes. Any crime that is prosecuted under a hate crimes statute would be prosecuted more severely than the same crime under a normal circumstance. My question is, when is a murder committed that is not out of hate?

A Hate Crime Bill will also punish any church who speaks the truth openly against homosexuality, abortion or anything else deemed as "offensive material". Don't think it can happen? It already is in Canada. Currently Canada has no freedom of speech and any pastor who dares to offend anyone by speaking of the sin of abortion or homosexual lifestyles can be arrested and pulled in before a Human Rights Tribunal. At this point, all violators would be responsible for all your legal expenses and can be imprisoned for future infractions against the Hate Crimes legislation.

Those of us who don't believe we can lose our freedoms need to pay very close attention to the history of Imperialist Russia and also France. These two countries have had very religious, spiritual histories and yet they lost it and today we can see the results.

But what are the obstacles to President Obama and the furthering of the Socialistic Agenda? Let's take a look at what has happened so far in the past six months of President Obama's presidency:

Candidate Obama nominated for his Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been long known as a liberal senator from Delaware who has backed the Pro-Abortion movement for many, many years--and by the way, he is Catholic. A Catholic however who believes that we have the ability to choose what we want to believe and trample over the core issue of every person's right to life.

Next, we have the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, also a professing Catholic whose nomination was questioned because of her questionable ties to George Tiller, the late term abortionist who was murdered earlier this year in Kansas.

Now after these two nominations, there were a couple interesting occurrences that happened. Both of them riled anger of Christians and Catholics nationwide. The first one got some press, but not as much as the second one. April 14th of this year, the President chose to give an economic address at Georgetown University. Now Georgetown is a Catholic University and the White House apparently made a request of the University to mask religious references that might be visible during his speech. There are two wrongs here: 1) the WH request and 2) the University's compliance with the request of censure. What was actually blocked? Looking at the picture below you can see the black drape behind the President covering the IHS on the top of the display. IHS is the first three letters of Jesus name in Greek, so that had to definitely be covered.

Since that time, we have also had the unfolding of the President's speech at Notre Dame. Once again, the ire and anger of Catholics across the nation were raised as Fr. Jenkins, the president of ND not only asked the President to give the Commencement address but also honored him with an Honorary Law degree. I really don't have time to get into all the details, but the short story is that the Catholic Church states that a Catholic University should not give this type of recognition to somebody whose political leanings and philosophy further allows and encourages the disrespect of human life, but it happened anyway.

The latest two incidences would be the nomination of Sonya Sotomayor as a replacement to the Supreme Court of the United States and Dr. Regina Benjamin to be the next Surgeon General of the United States. got it, both Catholics and both very much supportive of Planned Parenthood and the Pro-abortion Agenda they promulgate.

So what is my point in all these wild ramblings? The fact of the matter is that there is only one thing that keeps our President and his Administration from pushing forward on this radical agenda: Christianity and specifically the Catholic Church. With all the respect in the world for my protestant brothers and sisters out there, Protestant Evangelical Christianity does not threaten him and cannot stop the agenda. Why not? Because within the realms of Evangelical Protestantism there are so many divisions and schisms, there is no one uniting voice. There are protestant denominations that believe in Abortion, some that don't . Some denominations bless same-sex unions, others don't. Some ordain women, others don't. So you have Baptists, Assembly of God, non denominational, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and the list goes on and on and on. There is no ONE single voice that speaks for all of them and that all of the members can unite around.

Not so with the Catholic Church. Our President and his advisers know the teachings of the Catholic Church. They know that there is one voice that speaks for the Church and they know that if all the Catholic in the United States voted according to their faith, not only would his health care plans not pass, he would not have even be in office right now.
The problems lies within the Church itself right now. One of the major faults of the Church within the past 2 generations is that the Catholic Church has under catechised it's people. The re is a vast majority of Catholics that don't know what they believe, but they DO know that we should care for the poor and the other social issues that the President stands for. This works out very good for the President and therefore, he needs to keep this voting block, this segment of the population in his corner. The best way for him to do that is to mobilize confusion within the Church to "divide and conquer". If he can place high members of his Administration, visible as Catholics, yet backing his polices, then he realizes that will cause enough confusion and dissension within the ranks of American Catholics to give him a victory and a major obstacle will been overcome. At that point his Health Care plan will pass, more Supreme Court justices will be appointed and we will finally become the nation that he and his advisers envision. A country that truly will be socialistic in our health care, in our social polices and we will eventually loose all the freedoms our nation was based on.
Conspiracy, or smart decide

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Hattigrace said...

If the Pope would start excommunicating those high profile backsliders, it would help. It looks as though he condones because he does nothing.

The under catechising of the Church is one of the beefs that Mrs. M. B. has with the church and specifically, our church.

I don't know how I feel about that. I tend to believe when a person has a real, seeking relationship with the Lord, the Holy Spirit convicts them of sin and draws them into His ways and His truth. Naive? Maybe.

Btw, I am a conspiracy theorist! However, since the elections, I have had my head in the sand, because it was clear to me, way before he was nominated, that he is a socialist at best and a communist at worst and that he would lead our nation into a chasm of totalitarianism. I just have not had the stomach to watch each shovel of dirt he is throwing into the grave of our freedoms.