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So, Here is my new blog. If any of you have met Laura and me and our girls. We automatically stand out in a crowd. If you were going to have met us in 2oo2, you would have just have seen Laura and myself. My, my, my have things changed. I wanted to dedicate this blog to the history and story of our wonderful girls.


My Abigail......

We began our adoption process after the loss of several miscarriages and we decided that it was more important for us to be parents than it was to actually go through the process of giving birth. We met Abigails mother through Children's Home Society in Pensacola. The first time that you actually go through the adoption process, you realize what an amazing gift that you have been given in your children. There is a woman or a couple who has come to a very sobering reality that they (for whatever reason) are incapable of giving to this child the home that they deserve. Rather than terminating the pregnancy, they have decided to give that child life and now that child is with you. They have your name, your life and your heritage. It is an awesome responsibility. Abigail was born in the spring of 2003 and believe me she hit the ground running. She came home with us when she was 4 days old. The most favorite thing that she says now is: "Daddy, can you hold me?" I know that it won't last forever, so I try to savor every moment that I have.


This, I think, is one of my favorite pictures of Isabella. There are others, but this just shows the tenderness of her heart. The story behind Isabella is quite a us all. This story started one November day in 2004 when Laura got a call from our good friends at CHS. There was a mother who was needing a home for her girl that was not born as of yet. She was in West Palm Beach, Florida and there were problems with finding couple interested, being that the area is full of septugenarians who have been long done with their child rearing days. So, since Children's Home Society is a state wide agency, they put out what was essentially an All Points Bulletin for all locations in Florida to send in profiles. Hence the call to us. We were informed that this was a long shot, but we were the family that they wanted to send in. OK.....we will do it and were open. Prepped with what they told us, we weren't expecting anything, really. Honestly, I had forgotten about it. Actually Laura was in the process of trying to retrieve our profile back one day in March when The Call came. I remember it very distinctly, even though I was at work. Laura called me and told me that the case worker had called and needed to come by to "update some paperwork". All innocent enough, right? When she got there, we were informed that we had been chosen by the birth mother. When Laura called me, my first question was: "What birth mother? I didn't know that we were shopping?" It was then that I remembered what she was referring to. Within 2 days we were off to West Palm Beach with Abigail and my sister-in-law in tow. That was one of the longest trips that I had made in my life. What made it longer was the fact that we knew that Isabella had been in foster care for almost 5 weeks....with Catholic foster parents (coincidence....I think not. )

In addition to getting a new daughter, I had an awesome experience of being able to attend Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. At that point the church was pastored by D.James Kennedy, who since that time has passed away. I remember meeting him after the service and explaining why we were down there. He had adopted children himself and was very supportive.

This was a total new African American child. I love her so much. She is a total ball of energy who can't sit still for any time at all, but when she does, she is a cuddle bunny.....beautiful girl.

Laura Sophia
Talk about surprizing.....This is a story. So.......One night Laura and I were out at dinner and we were talking about our family and she tells me that she feels that we are done. How, after all with a 3 yr old and a 1 1/2 year old could we handle any more? And I tended to agree with her. On that point, we weren't shopping or even putting any feelers out.
Then one morning Laura was going to take me to work and she was waiting for me in the car. I was on my way out to the car and the phone was CHS. In my mind, I remember thinking, "I don't owe you any money.....I am not shopping.....why are you calling?" The voice on the other end stated that Isabellas mother had just given birth to another daughter and that she was very interested in placing her with Isabella so the family could be together. Of course my mind referred back to the conversation two weeks ago. So what did I say? "I don't think so, but I will talk with Laura." BAD, BAD, BAD MOVE!!! Guys, don't EVER try this one. I go out to the car and I am laughing to myself and I told Laura: "Guess what? The funniest thing just happened. CHS called and said that Isabellas mother just had another baby and they want us to take her." What followed for the two days after that is almost a blur in my mind.
"WHAT DID YOU TELL THEM???" Laura asked.
"I told them probably not, I thought we were done," I told her. This was not a good day in my life and I will never, never live it down.....EVER, EVER!!!! Do you understand what I am saying??? After two days of tears and back and forth, we knew that we needed Laura Sophia. Back we went to West Palm Beach. It was just Laura and I, so we could have really used a vacation down there, but nope. A quick nights rest and we were back on the way with our #3 girl....our little angel.
More to come????? We will see.

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Reese said...

They are all absolutley beautiful little girls. Heath and I have talked about adoption being an option one day. What an enormous blessing to be able to take in a child that otherwise would not have parents that love and show them how God intended families to be. Awesome stories!